Saturday, February 03, 2007

Making Progress

Friday, February 2 , 2007
We almost have a real floor again. At least we have a subfloor. It turns out that a subfloor is just pieces of plywood that are nailed down. I'm not sure if I was expecting something else, but this is what I got.

More exciting is that the new windows have arrived; even though they haven't been installed yet, they're here.

Michael is very big on having windows. His first plans gave us about six windows. I told him I was thinking about getting rid of most of the windows to give me more cabinet space. He told me I didn't want to do that, and promised me I'd have all the cabinet space I wanted. We'll see. We compromised and only added two small windows.
Here is the north wall:

Here is the north wall with the new casement-type windows framed in:


Melinda said...

Unusual. Very tidy builders.

breadbasketcase said...

Yes, they are. So far. But apparently the sheetrock people are not so tidy.