Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Walls Come Back Up

Friday, February 9, 2007
We seem to be pretty much done with the destructive part of the remodeling job and are on to the constructive part. This is more fun, although it's just as big a mess. The sheet rock people, who are friendly, by the way, installed walls in just one day, instantly giving the project a more finished look and giving us a belief that we may actually have a kitchen one day:

After the big pieces of sheetrock get put up, they are taped and mudded. I think that's what you call it anyway. I obviously haven't watched enough do-it-yourself TV shows.

The sheetrock was not only put on the walls, it was also put on the ceiling, to cover up the big hole where the vent was installed. Now we just have the vent coming out of the ceiling without a big hole next to it:

We traded about three-quarters of our hall closet to get a little extra room in the kitchen. The big space on the right will hold our oven and some cabinets. The refrigerator will be in the big space to the left. I hope it fits.

The hall closet will be much smaller. It will hold, maybe, five coats. But we had a lot of junk in that closet, including coats we never wore, so choosing the five coats that have the honor of being in the coat closet will be good discipline.
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I'm afraid the new, very skinny door will look odd, but I'm assured that it won't.


Melinda said...

Lovely. Hope it is warmer.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Is excitement building? Does the promise of a beautiful kitchen seem suddenly real?

Can hardly wait to see what happens next in this transformation.