Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hardwood Floor

Friday, February 16, 2007
The floor people actualy started installing the floor on Thursday. They got most of it done, but it was still in pretty rough shape when we came home that night.

When we came home on Friday, it was not only installed, but actually clean. It feels like real progress.

It's Lyptus flooring, which I'd never heard of before we started this project. It's a hybrid eucalyptus species grown on plantations in Brazil. It's sustainable, hard, durable, and quite beautiful (I think).

It's a little redder than I remembered, which is probably why Michael nixed a tile choice I tried to make in red and steered me toward a cooler green.


Melinda said...

It looks gorgeous from here!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful!!! How thrilling!

And it looks as though it will work nicely with your other wood floor.

Do you have a sample of the green tile to show us?


breadbasketcase said...

Melinda and Marissa,
I don't have a sample of the green tile. In fact, I no longer remember what it looks like, but I'm taking it on faith that I'll still like it.

Amy said...

The floors are beautiful! What color Lyptus is that? We just purchased some for the home we're renovating,and I'm wondering what it will look like put down. We went with the "natural"...are you still happy with it?