Monday, February 19, 2007

A Few Bread-Related Things

Sunday, February 18, 2007
Jim got me a Lodge Cast-Iron 5-quart Dutch oven for Christmas. This is the one that Rose uses to make her no-knead bread.

It was on back order, and it just arrived. Very handsome, isn't it? I put it on top of the new oven that's boxed up in the living room, and I felt very compatible vibes. I'm sure they're going to like each other a lot--only about six more weeks until I get a chance to find out.

There was an article on no-knead bread in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune last Thursday. I was quoted as a "local baker."
Some of my friends told me that it sounded just like me. My daughter told me I sounded weird. I guess the two are not mutually exclusive.


Melinda Pickworth said...

I can hardly write this as I am still giggling!! It does sound like you and ...what was that part about loving Mark Bitteman again? That's funny! You may never live it down.
I can talk...I gave a lecture to our village ladies club (The W.I) on quilting. In the village paper reported the event; 'Mrs. Prickworth gave a lovely talk on quilting'. My friends still telephone me and ask for 'Mrs. Prickworth' just to rile me up!
Nice you love it or just respect it Marie?

Anonymous said...

OHH, that is one gorgeous pot!

The online Star Trib article created the link to Rose's website incorrectly, so that it goes to a japanese website Gave me a pause, before I realized what had happened. Kinda funny.

In the article, one baker coats their pan w olive oil. Have you done that or do you find it not necessary? I haven't tried this no knead approach yet (I don't have an operating stove), but am very much looking forward to trying it out when I get a new stove. Given how goopy it is, I'd been wondering if if it would all come out of the bowl or if it would be a clean up mess.


breadbasketcase said...

Melinda (or should I say Mrs. Prickworth),
Not having used the pot yet, I think I just respect it. I may grow to love it after our cooking relationship deepens.

I was sure that the bread would stick like crazy, and I envisioned having to hack it out of the pot with various tools. It doesn't stick at all, though, and I don't think any olive oil is necessary. I think it must be the fact that the pan is preheated that keeps it from sticking.

Lance said...

A question about the no-knead bread. I made a loaf today and found it to be quite salty (and I'm not usually salt-sensitive) but otherwise quite good. Being a baker in between novice and professional status, wondered how reducing the salt to a teaspoon would affect the loaf. Any thoughts?

breadbasketcase said...

There has actually been a salt controversy about the no-knead bread. The original NYT recipe called for only 1 1/4 t. of salt, but bread bloggers protested that that amount produced a bland loaf. In a second article, Bittman said he now used more salt. After baking about a dozen loaves, Rose Levy Beranbaum settled on about 1 2/3 t. salt. For my taste, 2 teaspoons of salt is about right. I think this bread is more about the technique and less about the exact amounts.

pinknest said...

that's a purdy pot. a lovely read!

i happened to make the no-knead bread again the other day! so yummy. and how fun you were mentioned in the paper as a local baker.

slarty said...

I have been wanting to make this loaf ever since I read the Star Tribune article. I am amazed how little yeast is required!
The bread turned out pretty good, the only problem I had was that it stuck a little to the cotten cloth I let it raise on.
Congrats on the new Dutch Oven! I love mine.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if it is possible to make the no-knead bread with a sourdough starter? If you have tried it, I would love to know. Thanks!

breadbasketcase said...

It is a very sticky dough, but I've had more problems getting on my hands than on the cloth. My oven may be installed in another month, so oI'll get a chance to try the Dutch oven.

I haven't tried the sourdough version of this bread, but it seems like a natural, doesn't it? There's a video on how to make a sourdough version of the no-knead bread on
Good luck!

escargo said...

I hope you have heard about the Saint Paul Bread Club, because the other two people interviewed for the StarTribute article were members. We are all passionate bread bakers, and we all enjoy reading about other people and their love of bread.

breadbasketcase said...

I have heard of the St. Paul Bread Club, thanks--I'm planning on buying their book soon.