Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Windows

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Whereas yesterday we just had holes in the walls, today we have actual windows. One of them, on the north wall, is just an exact replacement of the previous window above the sink. The two small ones to either side of that one are the ones that Michael and I compromised on since he wanted all windows and I wanted a dank, dark kitchen with lots of cabinets.

We also got two new windows on the east wall. These are the same as the windows that were there before, but they're shorter, so they will just meet the counter that's going to be on that wall. The sheet rock is stacked up against them because that is the next step. On the schedule, the sheet rock people are called "Friendly." I'm assuming that that is the name of the company and not a description of their disposition, but who knows.

We were a little shocked to see what installing new windows does to the outside stucco:

In fact, we were so unnerved that we dug up our contract--the contract that we had so blithely signed--to see whether repairing the stucco might be included. (It is). Contracts was my worst subject in law school.
The windows were the most dramatic change today, but they also installed the new vent for our stovetop.

At least that's what I think it is. If it's not, Jim will correct me, as he occasionally does. And I will ignore him, as I occasionally do.


Anonymous said...

Oh, windows! How exciting!

They are beautiful. And look snug. As does all that beautiful insulation.

What's the big cut out/hole in the ceiling for?


breadbasketcase said...

Jim explained to me that the big hole in the ceiling is all a part of the vent, which will go from the stovetop, through the ceiling, and out the back wall. He thought it was funny that I didn't know that.
Maybe next year at this time the kitchen will be the warmest room in the house. It sure isn't now.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have realized that you needed such a big hole to do it either.

What is above? an attic or a 2nd floor? I guess if it's a second floor, the venting has to go thru that space between the floors to reach the outside, and this large opening is the only way to do it? Or if it's an attic, maybe that part of your attic isn't otherwise accessible to accomplish this? Cool looking, shiny vent pipe!

Maybe the room will warm up now that the window are in place. It must have been flooded with subzero air in the process of replacing the windows. (Presumably the infloor heating hasn't debuted yet?)


Melinda said...

You didn't say whether the stucco is covered in the contract or not. That would be rather unsightly left like that. Also not a very good advertisement for their workmanship either.
I am betting it is repaired to look beautiful again!

breadbasketcase said...

The second floor is above the kitchen, so you're right--that's why the venting had to go through the ceiling. The windows make a huge difference in the temperature in the kitchen! It also helps that the outside temperature is no longer 20 below.

Stucco repair is included in the contract, fortunately, not that we'd have noticed if it hadn't been. Maybe that's why you're always supposed to deal with a reputable builder. (Although I guess I wouldn't trust the advice of anyone who started by saying, "First, find a disreputable builder....")

Melinda said...

Yes...Those disreputable builders can find you all by themselves.
You always make me laugh!