Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Appliances

Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Yesterday more appliances arrived, and some were even installed. None of them work yet, but I can at least see them.
The refrigerator hasn't moved from the living room to the kitchen yet, but I've grown accustomed to having appliances in my living room. In fact, I think the living room will look quite bare when all the appliances are removed.

This faucet is one of two things I actually picked out myself with no help from Michael. I showed him the picture, and he said he liked it. I thought he might just be humoring me, but when he opened the package, he seemed quite taken with it.

We also got the dishwasher. Jim stayed home to sign for the appliances. I was at work and got a frantic voice mail from him: "The appliances, came, but there's a problem. The dishwasher is blue. It's kind of a metallic blue. I thought we ordered all stainless appliances. And this is blue! Unless.... unless it's some kind of protective covering.... Oh, never mind."

But the best of all is the new cooktop. Look at how sturdy it is. And look at the super, turbo-charged burner that will boil water in eight seconds. (OK, the eight seconds is kind of an exaggeration, but it's supposed to boil water really, really fast.)

Today the electricians were supposed to come and plug everything in, but it was some kind of special electricians' holiday or something, so they didn't show up. But the stove is supposed to be installed tomorrow, unless the special holiday turns out to be a two-day festivity.
Suppose I can really bake bread this weekend? I will be paralyzed with the necessity to choose the appropriate bread to inaugurate a new stove with.


jini said...

hey we got some of those "blue" appliances too, but they also reverted to ss. :)
the counter tops are even more striking with the appliances in place. the idea of different counter top colors is so cool.

Melinda said...

Marie, it looks so nice! I am making some hot cross buns for Good Friday. The dough is in the fridge as I type.
Nice taps, very swish! I like the idea of a 2 day electricians holiday.
A 'sparky' holiday. Let's hope it is over and they get the oven installed for you. How fun!

Nabeela said...

Oh I am so happy for you....I'm sure whichever bread you choose, it'll turn out fine with your new oven.
P.S: I'm a lurker on your site...butI just wanted to say I immensely enjoyed all the updates you've been giving us about the remodeled kitchen :)