Friday, March 09, 2007

Stairs and Beargrass

Friday, March 9, 2007
After our new eucalyptus floor was installed, we looked at the three steps going down to the back door and realized that, although they weren't a part of the original plan, something was going to have to be done with them. Next to the newness and shininess of everything else, the old battered stairs looked shoddy and sad. We asked Adam how much it would cost to do them in Lyptus, and he gave us a price that we could live with, so we said, "go ahead."
This is a very dangerous part of a remodeling job, by the way. The rest of your house, which looked perfectly fine before, suddenly looks a little the worse for wear. How long has that dining room wallpaper been up? When did the rug in the TV room get so threadbare? And because you're spending money anyway, you think you might as well spend a little more. I'm trying to discipline myself, but, really, those stairs were just too much.
Adam said the stairs would be done at some time during the lull--the approximately three-week period between granite measure and granite install. But I was quite surprised when I came home from work, opened the back door, and found no stairs....

and, in case I missed the fact that there were no stairs and no floor, there was also a helpful "caution" tape.

But we were without stairs for only one day. The crew from Floors By Steve gave us beautiful new stairs and a new entry floor in just a few hours.

That back door really needs repainting.

Our carpenter T.R. was back from a trip to Texas to see his dad and his brother, so he stopped in one day to cut the eco-resin panels and install them in the cabinets.

The design we chose is called Beargrass Lite. There is also a Beargrass Full, which, as you might guess, has a lot more Beargrass. The company makes beautiful patterns and colors in this ecoresin.
It would make beautiful shower doors if we were to remodel our bathrooms.


Melinda Pickworth said...

Beargrass lite... sounds like a beer! I have never heard of ecoresin before but it looks so nice and very trendy. The flooring is so rich and gorgeous, I can see why the steps just had to be done too!
I am feeling a bit psychic Marie. I have a funny feeling that more renovations will be done in the near future. Spooky, huh?

breadbasketcase said...

It does sound like a beer, doesn't it? Or a tavern--The Beargrass Inn. I like it. I think that more renovations are in my future only if Jim is not in my future.

Melinda said...

No. Jim must stay.

mspmarkw said...

I just wanted to say it has been fun (and informative) to watch the whole renovation process. I am a contractor, and sometimes I really wonder what is going on in my clients' minds while the whole process is happening. I think sometime us contractor guys don't really explain things very well and just assume that you really know what is going on. Thanks for sharing your remodel experience!

breadbasketcase said...

Thanks for the comment. Sometimes we client people don't absorb information very well, or we think we understand and only see that our understanding is quite limited when we try to explain to someone else.