Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm

Friday, March 16, 2007
It was another quiet week. (That sentence makes me want to add "in Lake Wobegon"). But the granite countertops are scheduled to be installed on Wednesday, so I'm hoping that there will be a flurry of activity after that.
The in-floor heating system was finished and is now ready to start doing its job as soon as the plumber turns the switch or does whatever he is going to do.

They also installed a auxiliary heater under (what will be) the sink. This heater is for the few days when the in-floor heating may not be quite enough to keep it toasty warm. Michael isn't a big fan of these auxiliary heaters because apparently they make a little whirring noise that he thinks may be a distraction. But the heating installers insisted that it was necessary in Minnesota, so he OK'd it.

Jim is fairly deaf, so he probably won't hear the whirring. He's more likely to be annoyed by me saying, "What's that noise?" than he is by the noise itself.
The hardware for the cabinets has arrived and is sitting in its boxes waiting to be installed. I hope that this will happen in the next week because then I'll be able to open the various drawers and doors.

Two new shelves were also installed. I think that cookbooks will go on the top shelf, but I'm not sure about the bottom one yet.

All the doors on the pantry cabinets have now been installed. There are still some shelves for the little cubby areas that haven't been put in yet, but I think that otherwise the cabinetry is complete. I think that the original plans called for another shelf, but R.T., our carpenter, said that was news to him.

And finally, some of the trim on the cabinets was installed on Friday. The rest of the trim is part of the flurry that I'm expecting this week.



Paddyscake said...

Lookin Good!! How long has the remodel been going on now? For you, I'm sure it feels like a me..a couple months? Have you had bread baking withdrawal cravings? LOL

jini said...

how exciting......closer and closer! i think we have a heater dealie similar to yours in the toe-kick under cabinets in our mudroom. it has a thermostat, but not a temp gauge so we had some fun getting it adjusted, but it's worked great! it does whirr, but usually not a problem.
when the counters are in the appliances are in place it will be super! i can't wait to see the completed kitchen....i suppose you feel the same way?? :-)

Anonymous said...

I love how you tease us with the CLOSED box of Italian hardware!


breadbasketcase said...

I think it has been a year, hasn't it? Bread withdrawal: I saw a lot of pictures of beautiful Irish soda bread this year, and was reminded of the delicious soda bread I made from The BB last time this year. I felt very sorry for myself.

Yes, closer and closer...and yet so far. It's Monday today, and the predicted flurry of activity still hasn't taken place.

You are so right--you will see them on the cabinets when I see them on the cabinets.

Melinda said...

I made the Banana Feather loaf on Saturday. So I had a Marie blog re-run to read what you wrote about it way back then. ( I miss your bread posts!) Justin (Demegrad) suggested to try this recipe. When I read your comments again; it is exactly what I had thought. Unless I had tried it I probably would not have thought to make it. But it is light and almost brioche like.Very nice!
I'm excited to see your worktops...
that sounds rather strange!

Anonymous said...

Closer and closer indeed!! We're all waiting excitedly! This time tomorrow you'll have counters!!! Is it like Christmas when you were a kid? Will you sleep tonight for excitement?

The trim looks really, really nice. What a difference the finishing touches make.

And, I like your cookbook shelf too. What have you decided to do about the books that won't fit on that shelf?


breadbasketcase said...

Yes, I remember that banana feather loaf from back in the day when I had a kitchen. I'm afraid that I have forgotten how to bake.

Actually, I didn't sleep very well last night. I'm not sure if it was coffee or visions of countertops that kept me awake. I can hardly wait to get home and see what has happened in the kitchen today.