Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Flurry

Friday, March 30, 2007
When I said last week that I expected a flurry of activity, I was hoping that it wasn't just wishful thinking. It wasn't, though, and I, for the first time, I really can see an end to this project. One day this week, we actually had four different trucks here at this same time, with about eight workers getting in each other's way.
The trim got finished:

The stucco was repaired:

The backsplash was put in:

All the backsplash granite is brown, but I think it goes very well with all three different granites.

They started installing the tile that will go above the cooktop:

They cut down and reinstalled the door to the hallway closet:

This door was one of the things I was quite concerned about. I thought it would look weirdly small. In fact, I believe that I made Adam promise me that I wouldn't hate it. (I thought that was fairer than making me promise that I would like it). I actually do like its weeness, and the fact that, although small, it remains a functional closet.

And the "color consult" occurred. That deserves its own posting.


Melinda said...

Oooh...the tiling looks very different! Very interesting!(For heaven's sake!...when are they going put in that oven!) It's all looking very good.

Anonymous said...

Love that little door. Charming and unique.

Also like the unifying effect of the one color backspash.

Really beautifully designed.

Your kitchen is art.


breadbasketcase said...

When indeed? All I can say is that I'm hoping to bake bread this weekend!

I love your observations--sometimes you make me see things I really hadn't paid attention to.