Saturday, November 03, 2012

Tartine Bread: Days 5, 6 and 7

The starter is definitely in the fermenting stage, but is not yet "rising and falling in a predictable manner." In fact, it's not really rising and falling at all. That seems to be because the "balance of yeast and bacteria" is not yet firmly established. Did you know that the mascot of the San Francisco 49'ers is "Sourdough Sam"? I didn't. Did you know that "sauerteig" means "sourdough" in German? I don't think I knew that, but it's not really a surprise.


Melinda said...

I didn't know any of that, either. thank you for sharing.
I love the texture the starter has now. Does it smell alcoholic?

Marie said...

It's active and bubbly, so it's working, but I can't see that it's rising and falling yet, so I'm just sticking to the feed it every day regimen.
It actually has a nice, yeasty smell--faintly alcoholic, but not sour. I'm guessing that as long as I feed it every day, and replace most of it, it won't smell too sour.

Jenn said...

It looks really good Marie. I love the smell of yeast and bread dough. Do you feel that the faintly alcoholic smell would make you happily tipsy? Maybe you should have a glass of wine and toast the starter? :)

Marie said...

What a good idea. I'm going to pour myself a glass right now.

jyothi said...

Good Idea..