Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Off to Las Vegas for a family Thanksgiving. No bread for a few weeks. I am consciously avoiding any lame jokes based on "bread" and Las Vegas.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


evil cake lady said...

happy thanksgiving marie!! win big!!

Melinda said...

Viva Las Vegas and Happy Thanksgiving!

pinknest said...

Ooooh!! Love it!!! I love Vegas. :) Hope you have some happy eating there.

jini said...

sounds like a good time. i will wave out the window as we fly over on the way to california. :)
happy thanksgiving to all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Marie (and all the lovely posters here)!

Please come back soon because I love to read your posts!

Laura NYC :-)

doughadear said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great time in Vegas! I'll be in New York for the tree lighting!

Joakim said...


Jag testade ditt bröd och det var verkligen jättegott. Tack!

Jag skriver också om mat fast ur ett annat perspektiv.

Cheers Joakim