Sunday, January 06, 2008

Golden Honey Oat Bread

Sunday, January 6, 2008
A few weeks ago, I was reading Rose's blog, and she mentioned making an oatmeal bread for her father. Suddenly, the idea of an oatmeal bread sounded excellent to me, but it's not a recipe that's in The Bread Bible or in my other bread cookbooks. So I went to a recipe in a general vegetarian cookbook, and the result was--well, it was hearty. You might also say that it was heavy. My ideal oatmeal bread, the one that I could almost taste, was hearty but light, healthy but delicate. So I was delighted when I saw that Rose had posted her recipe for golden honey oat bread. She promised it was healthy and flavorful, with a wonderful light texture. She was right. This bread is head and shoulders above my first try.
Even unbaked, this loaf looks plump and inviting.

My loaf-pan breads never turn out even. They're always taller on one side than the other. This recipe says it's essential to shape it into a log and let it rest for 20minutes before putting it in the loaf pan. I followed the directions and ended up with an almost perfectly balanced loaf. This little hint was worth the price of admission. Especially since it was free.

When I made my first oatmeal bread on December 2, I complained about how hard it was to shape, and I specifically complained about the ends of the loaf, which looked like giant belly buttons. No belly buttons on this bread.

Not that there's anything wrong with belly buttons. Still, it was nice to turn out a loaf of bread that looked a little more orthodox.
It smelled good, too. It was hard to wait to cut into it and see if the texture was really going to be light.

Yes. It passed the test. Light, but with a satisfying chewiness. And a lovely, slightly sweet, slightly oaty taste with the contrasting crunch of flaxseeds. A bread worth waiting for.


Lewis said...

When I saw this amazing crumb you achieved all I could picture was a huge melting patty melt sandwich..hmmmmmmm... great job! :)

rpse said...

i seem to rememeber i was inspired by that belly button bread. i just love the way you describe my recipes--you put your finger on just what is most important to me and then go one step further. yes--i finally figured out the resting before shaping is NOT optional! and your bread looks absolutely perfect and beautiful.

Melinda said...

Rose is right, it is beautiful! It looks perfect. (That Rose is so smart!) It looks good for everything from toasting or to becoming sandwiches.
I was charmed by your 'belly button bread' though>

Doughadear said...

A most perfect loaf of bread. I am sure it would be perfect toasted with jam for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

That looks perfect, I'm sure it tastes perfect too!

Anonymous said...

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MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Marie, I love oatmeal bread and this one looks delightful. I have a recipe from a long ago neighbor that has been one of my go to breads for years. I will be checking out this recipe. Always looking for the new tweaks.

Melinda said...

Dear Marie...who is Stephanie?

breadbasketcase said...

I hadn't thought of a huge patty melt, but that does sound like an excellent idea!

I actually kind of liked the belly button bread, but this version is much better. I'm sure you've tried this bread for toast--it may be the best toast I've ever eaten. In fact, I wish I would have skipped dinner tonight and just had toast.

Oh yes, you guessed right--toast with butter and apricot jam for breakfast. It was splendid. Tomorrow I think I'll try it with raspberry jam.

I forgot to mention that this bread has a couple of teaspoons of vital wheat gluten in, and Rose says that accounts for its exceptional texture. I don't repeat breads that often because there are so many new recipes to try, but I think this one may become a staple.

That was my question exactly. Who is Stephanie and why is she trying to take over my blog?

zorra said...

I just baked it too, and I love it!

breadbasketcase said...

I looked at the picture of your bread that you posted on Rose's site--it looks excellent!